In this website is information about Vepriai meteorite crater and other Lithuania craters.
Here you can find both scientific research (academician G. Motuza), both amateur research.
Here is information about nearby stones, sources barrows, mounds, monuments of architecture.
Here you will find photos of the crater environs, historical maps marked where Vepriai, and many other interesting information.

Now in Earth is about 186 craters by meteorites.
Lithuania has 2 official craters by meteorites. Vepriai crater (Ukmerge district) and Mizarai crater (Druskininkai district).

Lithuanian version of website

The most interesting things in website:

Amateurs research

Jobs "3D image of the Vepriai crater" and "Vepriai meteorite physical parameters and the impact on the environment".

Borehole core

Vepriai meteorite crater, Slabada borehole core photos. Core samples located at Vilnius University Faculty of Natural Science.

Fire bow

Before 1.846 to 1.815 billion. years from Lazdijai to Alytus, Kaisiadorys, Vepriai and Pasvalys went volcanic chain.


Deep geological boreholes performed Vepriai meteorites around the crater map and photos.


Ideas about Vepriai crater and others meteorite craters.

Meteorite crater database

The meteoric crater database, the need a Google Earth program.

Bicycle tracks

Bicycle tracks around Vepriai crater surrounding area. Total distance about 83 km.

Stone Mokas

The stone is located near the Sukiniai village, 5 km east of Vepriai, stone height 3,45m, length 8,5m, width 6,26m.

The bear's foot (Kauko) stone

Stone located near Malkupis river on the left bank. Stone circumference of the earth's surface 7,8m